Understand your network vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities of components in a network makes it possible for cybercriminals to exploit the system. Elvira by norgald identifies vulnerabilities in IT and OT components, mitigates the risk and proposes a solution to the problem.

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Cyber Security

There are many ways that hackers can exploit a system. The consequences can be severe seeing to both cost and leakage or disruption of sensitive information.

304 Million

Ransomware attacks in 2020

5 Times

Hacking of operational technology is up by 5 times

$20 Billion

Annual cost of cyber attacks

66.9 Percent

Percentage of companies hit by ransomware end up paying the ransom to recover data


The components are mapped to create a digital architecture of the grid


Vulnerabilities are detected in the IT and OT components


The vulnerabilities are graded and evaluated in the Elvira application


An action plan on how to resolve the issues is presented


Elvira by norgald is a cyber security tool

Elvira is a research-based software security tool. Our software application maps the system architecture of all connected components in a power grid to identify critical components and vulnerabilities in the system.

Elvira presents a comprehensive analysis of current cyber risks and consequences to enable the creation of a security strategy to build resilience against cyber attacks.

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